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We are pleased that you are interested in an eye test and style consultation at our Brand Store. Our competent opticians check your eyesight with the latest technology and advise you on the selection of your glasses. We look forward to your visit!

Turmgasse 1
CH-9000 St. Gallen

071 220 96 34
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Our philosophy is based on honesty with our customers as well as harmonious interactions with employees, business partners, society, and the earth. We strive to remain independent and offer a unique alternative to the big players in the eyewear industry. Our drive is the search for adventures and freedom, which is also reflected in our products. We believe that the devil is in the details. Therefore, our collections are full of small surprises and details waiting to be discovered. For us, eyewear should not only be functional but also exciting and full of joy. It should be rock ’n’ roll.

Our products stand for quality and creativity. Each design is carefully developed to be unique and timeless. We place great value on sustainability and responsible production. Our glasses should not only look good but also make a statement – for personality, a sense of adventure, and the courage to be different. Our team consists of passionate experts who continually educate themselves and use the latest technologies to perfect your visual comfort and style. With us, you will find not just glasses, but a piece of lifestyle. Come by and experience the difference – we look forward to your visit!

Support your locals

In recent years, EINSTOFFEN has made a name for itself in the international optics world. We present our collections at the largest optical fairs in cities such as Munich, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Stockholm, and London to an international audience.

EINSTOFFEN is now represented all over Europe – from the fjords of Iceland to the sun-drenched coasts of Greece, from the Atlantic coast in Lisbon to the historic city of Warsaw. No matter where you are, the stylish and innovative glasses from EINSTOFFEN are never far away.

EINSTOFFEN is independent and 100% self-financed. In a billion-dollar market with endless budgets, we are an underdog. With passion and tireless effort, we strive to surprise and earn our place on the walls of our partner stores.

EINSTOFFEN stands for quality, design, and innovation. If you are looking for glasses that highlight your individual style and meet the highest standards, you should definitely take a look at our collection.
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In the old trading house

The St. Gallen Abbey District, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been a center for trade and artistic craftsmanship for centuries. Here, in these historic streets, tradition meets modern life.

EINSTOFFEN continues this tradition in a unique way. For 15 years, we have stood for independence and creative development. Our glasses, now sold in over 20 countries, embody these values. Each piece reflects the love for detail and craftsmanship that has been nurtured in St. Gallen for generations.

Although we operate internationally, our heart remains in our hometown of St. Gallen. Our EINSTOFFEN Brand Store is a tribute to our roots and a place where history and modernity harmonize.

Welcome Home. Welcome to the EINSTOFFEN Brand Store. Here you will experience the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern design that makes EINSTOFFEN so special.
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Professional eye test

You see, vision is anything but static. Your eyes change over the course of your life and can even fluctuate throughout the day. Factors such as your personal biorhythm, diet, physical activity, and stress affect your vision. The less it is influenced by daily factors, the more accurate the eye test will be. Therefore, here are a few tips:

  1. Go to the eye test as rested and relaxed as possible.
  2. Make sure you have eaten and drunk enough.
  3. Take your time for the eye test and do not rush through it. It is best to make an appointment for it. If you and the optician can take your time with the eye test, you will achieve the best results.

If you wear contact lenses, please note that the cornea of the eye changes slightly. This can affect the eye test. Therefore, remove your contact lenses in good time before the test. Soft contact lenses should be removed at least 12 hours beforehand, rigid contact lenses at least 24 hours beforehand. Be sure to discuss with your optician before the eye test why you want to take the test and what vision aids (glasses, contact lenses) you normally wear.

ZEISS ZEISS Vision Partner
Turmgasse 1
CH-9000 St. Gallen

071 220 96 34
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